304 stainless steel plate application

304 stainless steel plate is one of the most used of steel plates in the industry. It is a chromium nickel alloy that has higher corrosion resistant than the ordinary carbon steel. The applications are various. The material is highly weldable so that it can be used in any application that needs much welding. 304 stainless steel plate is used in low cost applications such as domestic applications. Kitchenware and household accessories are made from this plate. The strength is high but the corrosion resistance is limited. So the plates are used in high strength and low corrosion risk environments. It is used in tankers and containers where the requirement for tensile strength is high. It is used mostly in transport industry to cover surfaces and provide strength. Some high end applications also use the materials but with modifications. Depending on the application requirement, the plates could be made with different grades of the steel. The 304L grade contains less than 0.03% of carbon which reduces the carbide precipitation upon welding.

The 304H grade on the other hand contains slightly more amount of carbon and provides higher strengths under high temperatures. The stainless steel 304 plate therefore could be customized according to the needs. Depending on the application requirement, they are also cut to sizes. The plate is used for sinks, architectural paneling, saucepans and more. The stainless steel sheet price therefore varies depending on the application requirement, the industry, the specification of the material and the market availability as well.

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