How is Next Generation Privileged Access Management a Savior in the Future?

Privileged account management or PAM is one of the hottest topics when it comes to cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are reckless when it comes to seeking and compromising their targets’ credentials to gain access to their essential assets. Such attacker may seem like a trusted user at first and can go undetected for months. These attacks may also be very much damaging when they have access to your privileged accounts.

Take PAM to the next level

  • Explore all the instances and cases of privileged user and application accounts across the company.
  • Build custom workflows for gaining privileged access.
  • Securely store the privileged credentials in a vault with proper check in and check out functionality.
  • Rotate the passwords automatically whenever needed: after every use, at regular intervals or when staff leaves the company.

  • Record and keep an eye on the privileged session activity for audit and forensics.
  • Get out of the box and custom reports on privileged activities.
  • Encourage least privilege policies on the endpoints.

By combining PAM with identity governance and administration or IGA tools, security personnel can unify and integrated processes for privileged as well as unprivileged users. They also make sure that the former is given proper access permissions on the basis of their similar users attributes and on the basis of the company access policy. Events associated with privileged access are sent to a security incident and event management or SIEM platform for correlating alerts among other real time threats that help the analysts to prioritize the riskiest cases. Combining with user behavioural analytics or UBA solutions help the security teams to see behavioural anomalies like the issuance of a rarely used privileged.

Using PAM in a holistic way

PAM helps in making sure that the compliance is a must with thriving regulations and offers authorized employees access to the tools and info they need for driving productivity. The solution shields the privileged accounts from being misused and lets the companies to enforce least privilege policies and control apps to prevent the attack surface. By investing in PAM tools that combine nicely with the current environment, companies can make the most of the power of the security immune system that protects sensitive access credentials from complex threat actors. This let security teams to go beyond manual and inefficient process and use PAM in a holistic way.

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