How to Boost Registrations for your Church’s Bible Study Classes

Religion plays an important part in our lives, and sometimes practicing a certain aspect of our religion in a group or community setting can make all the difference. For instance, reading the bible via bible study classes may prove more fruitful than simply reading the bible on your own. Not only will the classes allow opportunities for questions and clarifications, but you will also be exposed to other people’s narratives.

Of course, to make sure that your church’s bible study classes are actually gaining some traction, you’ll need to turn toward marketing. Not only will this put you above the competition, but you’ll also be able to generate engagement even before new members sign up!

Here’s how you can promote your Church’s Bible Study class:

  1. Show What You’re Up to on Social Media

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram or TikTok and something has caught your eye? Maybe it’s been a meal from a local restaurant, a cool outfit, or a place to visit. You can ignite the same curiosity toward your bible study classes by posting behind-the-scenes content and class highlights on your Instagram stories and grid, as well as on TikTok. Not only will people be able to see the natural flow of your classes, but as they put faces to the offering, they will be more likely to reach out with interest.

Talking of people, another failsafe social media content idea is testimonials. Known for their authenticity and ability to build trust in the viewer, testimonials can help plummet any sort of business or service offering to new heights. And your church’s bible study classes are no different.

  1. Market with Flyers and Posters

Digital marketing may be all the rage, but that doesn’t mean that print marketing can afford to be forgotten. Still one of the most effective marketing techniques out there, a well-made poster or flyer is invaluable. Start by brainstorming about what content is going to go on your flyer. You can potentially talk about any special sessions happening, put out a call for more members, or even mention an introductory session that is being held. With your content idea decided, you have the major details covered – just be sure to add all the relevant information such as contact details as well as timing and address if that is relevant.

As for the design part of your flyer, you can simply head to PosterMyWall and sift through their many bible study templates until you find a design that speaks to your heart. Once chosen, you can use PosterMyWall’s beginner-friendly design tools to edit and customize your flyer – and since you’re doing it for free, you don’t need to worry about taking multiple attempts. All that’s left is to put up your flyers around town and get them to people’s houses.

  1. Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, or search engine optimization, is nothing short of magic. Do your keyword research, implement it onto your website, and have your conversions and page visits boost! Of course, it requires patience for it to work and thorough work beforehand about which keywords are the best to target. For your church’s bible study classes, the best course of action is to target local SEO as people are not going to be traveling from two states over to take classes!

Within local SEO, your target will be to get as many people from a browser search to your website, so you’ll be trying to coordinate your website with people’s Google queries. Remember, if you’re not skilled in SEO yourself, then hiring a professional is well worth the initial investment.

  1. Start an Email Newsletter

Emails are marketing gold. They’re easy to access, a great way to keep and store information, and can inculcate a mix of text and graphics. And what better use of email than a good old newsletter?

It’s common for people to express interest in something and not follow through, and your email newsletter’s goal is to change the minds of this select group. Most likely consisting of people who have either visited your website and left their email, your email newsletter will act as their periodic reminder. Start by running it on a biweekly basis and make sure to add contact details.

While exact content would vary, make sure that your newsletter is inviting and invoking to the reader. And of course, the graphics are not to be forgotten.

So, if you’re looking for tips on how to promote your Church’s bible study classes, then this marketing guide is the one for you. Just be open to making changes where necessary, and you’ll be good to go.


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