How to Gain More Massage Therapy Customers When Starting a Massage Therapy Business

Developing a successful massage business is a challenging and complex task. Your business depends on your customers, and it takes effort and time to gather enough customers to support yourself.  Here are the things to consider when learning how to start a massage business.

Promote Yourself as a Specialized Massage Therapist

By determining what type of massage you are best at or most passionate about, you’ll be more likely to draw in more clients. To determine this, you’ll need to take time to try out different massage techniques and see where you want your specialty to be. From there, you will then be able to build your massage business around that specialization.

Collaborate with Healthcare Providers and Other Local Companies and Businesses

Networking is considered one of the most vital factors of a growing trade or business; the more people you talk to and get to know, the more that word will get out about you as well as the services you offer. Physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and many others are ideal people to develop a rapport with, as their customers tend to be searching for massage therapists. Marketing and promoting yourself and your massage business to their customers and cross-promoting your services is a superb way of allowing people to learn about your own existence

Make a Website for Your Massage Business

Having a professional website is very important. Having all the specifics regarding your massage business is one easy, simple-to-find place online that will provide people with the chance to learn about your service prior to making an appointment. You also need to include the kind of massage therapy you specialize in, the kind of issues and people you work with, the service menu and prices, as well as a picture and bio of yourself that details your passion for massage.

Think of Accepting Insurance

It is vital to consider accepting insurance when planning to start a massage therapy business.  Billing insurance first provides you an extra flow of profit while exposing yourself to a wider variety of people. Many customers know that they have the capability to use their insurance for massage therapy instead of paying out of pocket, and a lot will look for a therapist who accepts insurance.

 Massage therapists in all fifty states can bill in PIP as well as Worker’s Comp. Accepting insurance will provide you access to many more people monthly and will give you the ability to earn thousands extra every year.  However, to do this, you will have to take the time to understand how billing insurance works.


Offer Discounted Massage Sessions for New Customers

A lot of customers enjoy discounted services as well as sample products; this is considered a good way to draw potential clients. Providing potential customers the choice to experience the service at a discount can enable you to amaze them with your massage therapy techniques and get them hooked on your practice as well. Offering just thirty minutes of discounted massage (with the option to upgrade to a longer session for a fee) will not only attract potential clients but spread the word about you and your business as well.

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