Managing Stress As A CDL Trucker: Check These 5 Simple Suggestions!

The growing number of CDL trucking jobs in the US is a testament of demand in the commercial sector, but for professional truckers, the job in this line is anything but easy. Besides spending hours behind the wheel, truckers have the colossal job of meeting deadlines. If you are trying to find ways for reducing stress as a CDL trucker, we have a guide below that can be handy.

  • Sleep is your best friend. Resting is critical for CDL truckers, because it allows them go on the road with more mental clarity and feeling better. However, most professionals do agree that the job is stressful, and it is not always easy to get good sleep. Make sure that you hit the bed on time, and ensure that your phone is away. Sleep in a cool, air-conditioned room.
  • Exercise. Believe it or not, exercise does help CDL truckers in a big way, primarily because their jobs demand them to be a seated position for many hours. Even when you are on the road, take a quick five-minute break, stretch those muscles or do a quick jog on the spot. If you can make time for the gym twice a week, nothing like it! Also, consider doing breathing exercises that are great for stress relief.
  • Try and eat healthy. You are what you eat – Period. Your job is to drive continuously, and on the way, you are unlikely to find a salad bar. However, if you can, pack your meals at home. You can consider keeping nuts and seeds in your truck, so that you don’t grab a burger when you are hungry. Stress management does involve health eating, and if you are an emotional eater, this is even more critical.

  • Find ways of entertainment. You obviously cannot watch Netflix while driving, but some music is a great way to beat stress and stay more cheerful on the road. Many CDL truckers actually have curated playlists that can help their mood and enhance the way they feel.
  • Know your route. Knowing where you are heading the next day and checking the maps is a good way to keep your stress in check. You will not be guessing things on the road, and that makes it easy to plan your journey.

Finally, figure out how you can socialize better. Taking a break once in few days from your CDL trucker job could be a wise idea.

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