The need to know: 5 important questions to ask your conveyancer

So, you’re buying a house? How exciting! Buying a house is every Aussie’s dream and to be able to do it is something truly spectacular. However, you want the process to go off without any issues, and this includes the transferral of ownership from the vendor to you.

To do this, it’s imperative that you have a trusted conveyancer in your corner to ensure the deed is done without any difficulty. Without a reputable legal professional on hand to go through the nitty gritty, you may be susceptible to a few cheeky clauses with potentially disastrous consequences.

But choosing the best conveyancing Perth has available isn’t as simple as asking the closest provider – they might turn out to be the Dennis Denuto of property law!

This is why it’s vital that you ask your prospective legal professional these five serious Qs to ensure you get the best outcome from their service:

  1. Are you qualified in WA?

This seems obvious, but you may accidentally be attempting to enlist a conveyancer who doesn’t have the knowledge or qualifications in state property law.

These laws vary from state to state, and if your prospective lawyer doesn’t have the local accreditation then it is highly likely they won’t have the skills or knowledge to ensure the trade goes off without a hitch.

  1. Are they an Australian Institute of Conveyancers member?

Your prospective legal expert should be properly registered, and this means being registered with the Australian Institute of Conveyancers. This is the national body for this brand of law, with local branches in each state ensuring its members uphold the rigid ethical and educational standards in place.

  1. Do they have the tools to streamline the process?

Modern conveyancers should be able to add a little digital accessibility to their service, including the ability to share and view online documents. You really don’t want to find yourself down at their office every time there is a semi-important document that needs to be viewed – you should just be able to see it online!

If they are a semi-tech savvy operator then this goes a long way to streamlining the process.

  1. How much will your service cost?

Your potential lawyer should have absolutely no trouble in giving you a rough estimate of their services. If they are unable to provide a rough estimate then this is a red flag – it means they are not on top of their rates and could mess with your budget in a way you didn’t foresee.

After all, you’re buying a house and need to budget accordingly – don’t allow some sheisty operator to reap your funds before you even sign the deed of transfer!

  1. Will you be handling the transfer?

Certain law firms may hold an initial consultation with one of their experienced practitioners before palming the actual process off to one of their juniors. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you also don’t want yourself to be drawn into a situation with a seriously inexperienced junior who overlooks an important – and costly – part of the transfer.

Therefore, inquire as to who, exactly, will handle the actual transfer: if it is the experienced practitioner – that’s great; if it will turn out to be a junior, feel free to inquire a little more about their experience and skills – you’ll most likely find that they’re up to job regardless!

These are the questions to ask when finding the right property lawyer, and when asked you will find a quality practitioner with the skills and experience to help you receive a problem-free transfer…

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