The Right Drilling Site Matters When It Comes to Oil Wells

Drilling is an important process in the oil and gas industry. Now, before you start drilling your oil well, you need to give some thought about the equipment. You can look at the services offered by Renegade. The company is pioneers in providing all kinds of wireline solutions to its clients all over North America.

They have services in-house wherein all services regarding wireline, crane operations, logging and tagging are performed under one roof. If you need more information on the variety of services offered by them, you can log in to to get more information.

Overview of the Drilling Process

The first process is to prepare the area for the drilling process. The next step involves bringing in the drill rigs to the site and assembling it. A surface hole is drilled straight down in the ground to get to the oil.

Casings made of steel are then used to prevent debris from entering the dug holes. When you have reached your destination, the drill pipes are removed, and the steel ones ate pushed into the pit and cemented in place.

Every step in the drilling process is systematically planned. Constant data and analysis are done to determine the feasibility of the well construction project.

Data collected include:

  • Well planning process – Information about seismic data, problems that are likely to emerge during the construction phase
  • Forecasts given by geologists after looking into the seismic data, geographical locations of the already constructed wells in the area
  • Well engineers need to look at the pressure reports, drilling reports and well logs to determine the overall health of the well

In addition to the above, the casing levels, the types of rigs used, and the weight of the strings are also taken into consideration. Mug logging units are lowered into the ground with sensors attached to them to provide information to the people.

Become an Oil Investor

This is a very tempting thought that might have crossed your mind sometimes. Investing in the oil well proves to have its advantages such as:

  • You can make a lot of profit from it
  • It has its tax benefits
  • You will not be held accountable for any losses incurred during the operation. Only you might lose money
  • If you plan to expand your business, investing in an oil well can help your business reach new heights


The cost for the drilling project is also important. If for some reason, the well happens to be empty, then you need to restore the well to its original position abiding with the state and federal laws.

Renegade Wireline Services have set the standard for comprehensive wireline services for the oil and gas industry. They aim to provide the oil and gas industry with a safe and professional environment to work in while facing various everyday challenges in the best suitable solutions. Their services entail creative and rewarding ideas for the individuals.

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