Tips on How to Win Over Brand Promotions with Media Backdrop Banner

media backdrop banner has many uses. Set it up when promoting or launching a new product or service, or design one to serve as a background for photos during special occasions, like your sponsored events. No matter its function, ensure it’s properly designed and constructed for brand promotions. After all, media backdrops can also serve as an extension of your business signage and branding efforts.

Why does design matter?

Brand awareness and branding are critical to the success of any business. Using promotional tools and signage, such as media backdrop banners, can make a difference between getting bypassed and being recognised by potential customers.

Your media backdrop banner can attract more customers while creating brand awareness. Imagine the number of impressions it can make when used as a backdrop for pictures, when published on social media sites. Moreover, a well-designed and high-quality backdrop can make your business stand out during an event. The more unique and fascinating it is, the more it can generate interest, provide continuous brand exposure, and attract attention to reinforce brand presence in your audience’s minds.

How do I design a media backdrop for brand promotions?

Now that you understand the significance of media backdrop banners, it’s time to learn how you can make the most of them at your next event. Here are some tips:

Pick the right size

Is bigger better? Not necessarily! When sizing a media backdrop banner, it must be appropriate for the floor space and display area. Reputable manufacturers offer straight and curved media backdrop walls in four sizes, and the prices differ per size and whether the design is printed on one or both sides. Get a larger banner if the space allows it.

Ensure durable materials

High-quality media backdrop banners come with strong aluminium tubing zipped within a wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric with your graphic print, making them lightweight and easy to set up. They should have an industrial zipper to keep the fabric tight and ensure a smooth appearance for your graphic print. Manufacturers include a travel bag where you can store the frames when the media backdrop banner is not in use, so you can easily transport and keep it for storage.

Choose modern printing methods.

The designs of colourful media backdrop banners are printed using the full-colour dye sublimation method to make your design pop and vibrant. This printing method also makes your design durable on the polyester stretch fabric, preventing a washed-out look, especially when you need to keep using the backdrop for other occasions.

Make an attention-grabbing design.

Use unique symbols or images that can represent your company, and consider contrasting colours. Manufacturers of media backdrops can work with you to customise a design that will make your brand stand out.

Consider some extras

Some manufacturers can provide a portable trade show podium and LED lighting with your media backdrop banner to help your promotional efforts. LED lights help draw attention to your design while serving additional lighting to make your backdrop photograph well. A branded podium can be designed to complement the backdrop.

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