Types of telemarketing services dominating Singapore- Inbound & Outbound

Since the past few years, telemarketing services in Singapore are taking different shapes. With the growing apathy of people in receiving sales calls, expert outbound business callers find it a bit challenging to survive the amazing direct marketing service or boosting up the sales expectations they target at.

However, the positive thing is there is a thin line in between cold call and telemarketing as the latter is more profound and appealing to the prospects as the callers know the art of converting the calls into sales by luring them with the amazing offers they have in store. Telemarketing services are of two types- inbound and outbound.

Inbound telemarketing

This is when the customers call the business or the support system for any information or when they come across with any issue regarding their recent orders or if they’re seeking any technical assistance for repairing etc.

Inbound telemarketing solutions help to increase brand value by focusing on the customers’ shortfalls. Resolving the issue of theirs is the prerogative of the callers.

Outbound telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing is done by trained executives at top-notch Singaporean telemarketing companies when they intend to promote any service or product to the potential customers. With some attractive offers in store, they call the customers and look forward to quality leads.

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