What Is So Exhilarating About Virtual Escape Room Singapore?

Escape rooms can be intimidating with all the excitement and thrill going on. However, the thing that makes the experience unforgettable is the themes it provides. Virtual Escape Room Singapore provides plenty of it, making it a go-to option if you’re searching for a virtual escape room game to play.

Themes virtual escape room offers:

  • Ben’s big heist: This theme will make you pull a bank robbery along with cracking hard vaults, unlocking locks, stealing the money and running away on time, so you don’t get caught by the police. As the levels get advanced, it will be more difficult to crack the codes.
  • Curse of the werewolf: You’ll have to save your village from giant werewolves attack who are killing villagers disrupting the peace. You’re given the position of descendants of the village chief and the task to remove this curse for your people.
  • Time travel: You’re invited to a mansion by your uncle where you have to convince him by showing your worth and handling the machine to find him.
  • Return of the queen: You’re being haunted by a fragile older man in your nightmares. The only way you can escape this is by lifting the curse, and how will you do that? Look for the right people and solve the puzzles and clues.
  • Explore Singapore: Your grandmother is curious about what happened to the family heirloom. You’ll be given the task of exploring Singapore with the help of certain clues and quizzes to find your grandmother and solve the mystery.
  • Time’s ticking: You’ll be given the task of deactivating the bomb to save your city from blowing up. You’ll be given clues, puzzles to help you out in the whole process.
  • Jack’s hangover: Hangovers can make you forget about everything, which happens in this theme. You’ll have to help jack by solving clues and puzzles to know what happened and make sure that he doesn’t miss his flight.

Looking for features and themes are extremely important to have fun, and Virtual Escape Room Singapore has plenty of it. It is a worth it chose to go for to have an unforgettable experience.

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