What should I talk about in My Emails? Create Engaging Content for Your Email Marketing

Every now and then coming up with creative ideas for emails gets hard, numerous questions start popping up and sending engaging information to your list becomes a challenge. In this article we’ll learn how to create content that actually interests your audience and allows you to convert  while engage.

Lets start with the rule I learnt from working in an Ecommerce email marketing agency SMS Marketing Agency, and it’s how can I email differently and certainly not only about what it is that you do, or your product, or your service. Sure, you will need to let them know but that;s it, this can’t be the base or your content strategy. You can start with changing the way you percibe email marketing and then, trying to accomplish two purposes when sending emails: first is obviously sell your product/service, and secondly the mechanism to do it through entertaining, showing off, and delivering value. There are several ways to start creating this content marketing, it could be a blog, a podcast and my favourite, social media, with the purpose of sharing it through email marketing. So, this email content will include what your audience cares about your product or service, and not a catalogue.

Becoming an expert in transmitting this content into an email requires time and knowledge of your audience, but you can start with sentiment delivery. Normally you get closer to an emotion or a circumstance when it’s tell like a story, it makes you feel relatable when the person telling it appears as your peer, this is the greatest way to show value and create memories and at the end this is what you sell. Other ways to show this value could be telling your list how your product can be used, or how your service works, how it was made and what ingredients were used. Simple information like this creates in the customer the idea of a closer knowledge to the product/service that converts and creates a repeat buyer.

To achieve the described before you need a clear path of work. Starting with just what will you selling by quarters (not only about your product, think more about the experience) you can use important dates to planned about this point. After having the big picture of the year by quarters, a bit more specification could help to expand ideas by month and then weekly. It doesnt need to be a complete strategy with briefs, ideas matter, even if its only a sentence, there is when you know you’re creating content thinking like your audience and what would you like to read in the emails you will be sending.

Once you have a break down of your ideas by week, the next step is to support this with real data. In this article from the agency I work on, you will learn how to create content by using insights about your target audience with the help of last campaigns performance, google analytics, demographics, interests, and a really important point of view from your competitors.

Being part of the ecommerce industry allows you to think and express creatively, as an account manager in charge of 3 stores I understand how important it is to have a strategy strong enough that talks directly to the brand’s audience. As part art, and part data, creating content should be support by research and testing until you get at least a 30% understanding of your customers. Don’t limit your creativity, think out of the box and try to put you on the shoes of the people receiving your emails in order to create memories than convert in boost revenue.

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