Workpuls Delivers Cloud-Based On-Premise Solutions to Offer More Security to Enterprise and Industry Clients

New York, NY—(September 9, 2021) Workpuls is pleased to announce today that the company has set to revolutionize remote employee monitoring with its cloud-based software user behavior analytics solution for various enterprise organizations and numerous other industries alike. This is truly fundamental for companies that function remotely to ensure productivity amidst a post-global pandemic.

The new and improved employee monitoring software is compliant with most governance, risk managment, and compliance standards and includes both a cloud-based and on-premise solution which provides anonymous remote employee monitoring that is publicly available to all interested clients in affordable, scalable end-to-end solutions for sensor-based networks. This is due to the fact that remote employees work more unhesitatingly and immediately if they feel autonomous in their tasks. However, if they feel they are being watched then they will work anxiously and not organically. Workpuls provides a cloud-based solution combined with more control of security for added functionality and flexibility for both hardware and software management. Workpuls offers a wide range of remote employee monitoring services which include in-depth data collection, dissemination, and productivity reports and trends. From monitoring employee emails to employee screenshot monitoring. Workpuls designed a complex system that accurately monitors remote employees time spent on tasks and projects, automates time and attendance, and accesses raw data for analysis and mining.

Workpuls provides a contemporary solution of high-technology remote employee monitoring software. Customers from all enterprises and across all industries can now monitor and manage data from all types of sensors, levels of properties, temperature, moisture, flow and humidity as painlessly and as efficiently as possible. Workpuls ensures a vast improvement in data density and deliverability across all of their clients platforms. For instance, there are individual-focused tools that tremendously improve administrator control over real-time remote employee monitoring through insightful reporting, website and app blocking, and activity configuration. Workpuls’ call to action is to simplify the payroll process by proactively tracking time on tasks and projects then selectively categorizing these sets of activities that are productive or unproductive in a stealth mode that’s meticulously made to monitor remote employees discreetly. Workpuls delivers a clear performance overview of remote employee monitoring for both small and large teams.

Workpuls is the backbone of project organization from proof of work to budgeting. The kanban flow is customized for each company to provide a clear overview of which tasks are completed, which are in progress, and which have yet to be completed. Workpuls developed an extraordinary remote employee monitoring software that methodically tracks hourly or monthly payments for remote employee monitoring to calculate their exact payroll. Workpuls offers a reliable on-premise solution that’s a valuable asset for companies to manage day-by-day performance on an easy-to-use dashboard. Workpuls is easy to install and includes a user-friendly data encrypted system that ensures enterprises and companies information receives full protection and security. Workpuls tracks remote employees globally throughout different timezones and cities. Workpuls serves enterprise and industry clients diverse needs alike.

For any business inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Ivan Petrovic, CEO via his email or phone: +1 (415) 800 4284.

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